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Bubble Science 101's Super Bubble Wand

An Easy-to-Make Wand that Makes a Watermelon-sized Bubble!

Farmers Market Bubble Science 101 For those not interested in building your own bubble wand, Professor Ron has hand-built one for you. His Bubble Science 101 Bubble Wand can be purchased for $3 at:

Montgomery Village Shopping Center
2421 Magowan Drive, Santa Rosa, CA
Phone: (707) 545-8697
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm

100% of our profits buys food for our local food pantry.

Wand Construction Directions

What You Need :

Two 16" bamboo handles
57" piece of "bubble wand yarn" cut into two pieces: A long piece 35" in length and a short piece 22" in length – See NOTE below
Metal washer (We use a 5/16" diameter washer but any size is ok)
Two rubber bands

NOTE : While cotton cooking twine or knitting yarn work, they are not appropriate to build really big bubbles. Our research found that yarn from Wal-Mart's Twist Mop Refill (ML1304T) worked the best but it is cost prohibitive since you only need a few feet to make a wand. SUGGESTION: Consider the Bubble Science 101 Bubble Wand KIT that includes the proper "bubble wand yarn".

STEP ONE : Tie one end of the long (35") bubble wand yarn to the end of one handle.

STEP TWO : Tie the other end of the short (22") bubble wand yarn to the other handle.

STEP THREE : Stretch the rubber bands around the yarn on the handles so that the yarn won't slip off.

STEP FOUR : Slip the long (35") bubble wand yarn through the hole in the metal washer and slide the washer to the center of the yarn. It is important that the washer is able to move freely.

STEP FIVE : Tie each end of the long (35") bubble wand yarn with the attached washer to the short (22") yarn approximately 1 inch from where the short yarn is attached to each handle. When you stretch out the handles you should have a triangle loop whose base is on top with all sides to be about the same. THAT'S IT!!! HAVE FUN!!

How to Use Your Bubble Wand

STEP ONE : If there is wind, stand with the wind at your back.

STEP TWO : Hold the wand tips together and dip the loop into the dipping container.

STEP THREE : Keeping the wand tips together raise the loop out of the container keeping the tips together (very important).

STEP FOUR : Raise your arms (with the wand tips still together) and spread them. Generally, you want to raise the wand tips above shoulder or head level before starting to spread the wand.

STEP FIVE : If there is no wind, walk backwards (being careful not to bump into anything). If the wind is brisk, keep the tips together and start walking with the wind before you start spreading the wand tips. This reduces the wind speed relative to the bubble.

STEP SIX : Bring the wand tips together to release the bubble.


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